Arthropods & Trilobites Meeting - Congress - Symposium
Prague, Czech Republic, and Sardinia, Italy
Summer 2012

TRILO 2012 Conference
The 5th Conference on Trilobites and their relatives, 1st July – 4th July 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

David J. Holloway

Name:Dr. David J. Holloway
Institution:Museum Victoria
Address:David J. Holloway
Museum Victoria
GPO Box 666
Melbourne, Victoria 3001



The new tropidocoryphid trilobite genus Cirriticeps (Proetida) from the Silurian of New South Wales

David J. Holloway
Section: Evolution and systematics, Presentation: Poster
Silurian, New South Wales, Tropidocoryphidae, Cirriticeps
The new tropidocoryphid trilobite genus Cirriticeps (Proetida) from the Silurian of New South Wales DAVID J. HOLLOWAY Museum Victoria, GPO Box 666, Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia; email The new tropidocoryphid genus Cirriticeps is represented in the Silurian of New South Wales by two species, one of them from the Wenlock to Ludlow of the Orange district, and the other from the upper Ludlow of the Yass Basin. The genus is most closely related to Tropidocoryphe, known from the Lower and Middle Devonian of Europe and North Africa, and was probably ancestral to it. The two genera are characterised, amongst other features, by very broad anterior and lateral cephalic borders that are poorly differentiated from the genal field and carry a strong epiborder furrow. The structure of the borders has been misinterpreted previously in Tropidocoryphe, the epiborder furrow having been regarded as the border furrow, and the inner part of the border as part of the genal field. Cirriticeps differs from Tropidocoryphe mainly in having deep longitudinal glabellar furrows extending from the occipital furrow to S3, numerous fine tropidial ridges on the genal field instead of a tropidium, eight instead of nine thoracic segments, and no median spines or spinose nodes on the posterior edges of the occipital and axial rings. .


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26th – 29th June: Field trip
Lower Palaeozoic of the Barrandian area, Czech Rep.

1st – 4th July: Conference
Geoscience Building of the Faculty of Science of Charles University, Albertov 6, Praha 2, Prague, Czech Republic (maps)

5th – 9th July: Field trips
Sardinian Lower Palaeozoic, Italy and Late Palaeozoic in Moravia, Czech Republic


Oldřich Fatka
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic

Petr Budil
Czech geological Survey
Prague, Czech Republic

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