Arthropods & Trilobites Meeting - Congress - Symposium
Prague, Czech Republic, and Sardinia, Italy
Summer 2012

TRILO 2012 Conference
The 5th Conference on Trilobites and their relatives, 1st July – 4th July 2012, Prague, Czech Republic

Matúš Hyžný

Name:Mr. Matúš Hyžný
Institution:Comenius University, Faculty of Natural Sciences
Address:Matúš Hyžný
Department of Geology and Paleontology
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Comenius University
Mlynská dolina G1
842 15 Bratislava



Trigonotarbid arachnid Maiocercus celticus (Pocock, 1902) from the Late Carboniferous (Westphalian) of the Zlatník Formation (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

Matúš Hyžný, Štefan Józsa
Section: Non-trilobite arthropods, Presentation: Poster
Chelicerata, Arachnida, Trigonotarbida, Westphalian, Western Carpathians
A trigonotarbid Maiocercus celticus (Pocock, 1902) is reported from the Westphalian of the Zlatník Formation in Dobšiná, Slovakia. It constitutes the first occurence of fossil chelicerate from Slovakia. Trigonotarbids have been recovered most frequently from the Upper Carboniferous Coal Measures of Europe and North America, the presented specimen, however, does not come from the Coal Measure but from sediments of shallow marine environment with terigenous influx. .


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26th – 29th June: Field trip
Lower Palaeozoic of the Barrandian area, Czech Rep.

1st – 4th July: Conference
Geoscience Building of the Faculty of Science of Charles University, Albertov 6, Praha 2, Prague, Czech Republic (maps)

5th – 9th July: Field trips
Sardinian Lower Palaeozoic, Italy and Late Palaeozoic in Moravia, Czech Republic


Oldřich Fatka
Charles University
Prague, Czech Republic

Petr Budil
Czech geological Survey
Prague, Czech Republic

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conf (at) trilo2012 (dot) org

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